1. This new season is amazing,I cannot wait to see what this season has in store for us.Logo please pick this series up

    1. great writing again my roger!!!!!!!!!!!! keep the episodes coming i cannot wait to see the next one

  2. Thought provoking, realistic dialogue, multidimensional characters, and a true to life depiction of life’s journey. It’s a series about the human journey as opposed to just being about stereotypes, one-sided views of sexuality, and fractured personalities. I truly enjoy this series and look forward to seeing the evolution of each and every character.

  3. AWESOME!!!! You guys are doing a fantastic job of telling this story!
    I seen both films/original-1st season and its so great to see the characters story grow and the actors that play them, you can see their growth as well!!! Excited to see the next episodes!

    1. Thank you for the support, and the kind words. Please be sure to tell all og your friends to check out the new season. Be sure to subscribe to get all the updates for this season, and check out our ‘channels’ section for other indie shows. Next up is the first minisode of the season, airing May 27th. It’s entitled, “Always Watching.” It’s a 2 part minisode. Tell all of your friends!

  4. Well i jus bought the first 2 episodes of season 2…cant wait to watch them season 1 was great

    1. Thank you for the support. We hope you enjoy the episodes. Be sure to subscribe to get all the updates for this season. Next up is the first minisode of the season, airing May 27th. It’s entitled, “Always Watching.” It’s a 2 part minisode. Tell all of your friends!

  5. The Minisode #2 was good especially the sex seen. Detective Harper really surprised me! I hope he finds the real murder of Kyle and especially Omar’s brother-inlaw. Omar is innocent, Kyle helped him make some positive changes in his life. Wao, so much suffering and pain just because you fell in love. I want to see justice for Kyle. Please keep em coming. Awesome series and episodes. Thank you and all be Bless!

    1. Thank you so much for the positive feedback. Please be sure to share the episode with your friends.

  6. I couldn’t be more proud of the evolution of the series and to watch how these characters have grown. Not only that, the production value is great and the series begins to look more and more like artistic composition with each episode. The content is getting deeper and the character relationships are shining! I look forward to you next season to see what new plotlines will occur for everyone and to see how the entire production will continue to evolve. Thanks for sharing this story and these people with the world.

  7. This by far was a well put together episode .The storyline flowed. The characters really came to life in the way they told the story. I am excited to watch the next episode.

  8. I just watched season 2 episode 3. I fell behind, because I gave-up waiting for any new ones. You all, almost lost me as a diehard viewer. Please forgive me, but I have to pull you up.on that. The wait was worth it. I am impressed and offer a special Big-up and Bless-up to all. Keep’em coming. Thanks, For Real.

  9. Disappointed with app. Won’t allow me to watch episode. Why can’t people use quality apps? Makes me wonder. Another show down the drain. I have a note 5 and Samsung tablet. I know what I am doing. Why not use amazon or netflix?

    1. It isn’t the app, it is the file. MOV files will not play on mobile devices. Which episode did you purchase? We will send you a mobile file so you are able to watch the episode on any device.

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