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Season 2 Ep.1


Omar is dealing with the death of his lover Kyle and seeking to take revenge, Reggie is facing the fact that he might have hurt someone, Greg and Tammy are dealing with a tragedy and Faybien comes to the realization that past loves don’t always mend wounds.


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Season 2 Ep.2


Faybien confronts his father about his sexuality, Greg begins to realize the relationship he is in may be the right fit, Tammy’s pain is a lot deeper than she realizes and Omar meets someone new to pacify the heartache.


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Season 2 Ep.3


Greg awakens to alarming news and later has an unexpected visit from an old friend, Tammy is trying to cope with the loss of her child, Faybien gets a hefty dose of reality from his boss and decides to put his career first, and Omar’s past continues to threaten him.


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Season 2 Ep.4


Faybien, Greg, Tammy and Omar each reach a point when they begin to look at the direction their lives have taken. An irruption at work forces Faybien to focus more on his career and less on his love life, and he finally comes to a decision in regards to his relationship with Morris, Greg confesses how hurt he is by Kelly leaving and stands up to his father, Tammy pushes loved ones away and tries to cope with her loss and Omar is having a hard time moving past the loss of the man he loved.


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Season 2 Ep. 5


Greg is trying to work through his separation from Kelly by trying something new, but through temptation he’s reminded of the bet he made with Jerome. Tammy is slowly learning to move on from the despair by spending some quality time with her best friend; Max. After the damaging entertainment report on Dominic’s alleged assault, the record label goes into damage control. Faybien is confronted by Jerome.


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Season 2 Ep.6


The gang gather together to celebrate Tammy’s birthday, but there are a few unexpected surprises. One being Jerome was invited, which takes Faybien by surprise, along with an appearance by his boss; Danielle. Reggie returns to the story with a surprise for his room mate Paul. Omar is trying to smooth things over with Nichole and a sub story from the minisode “Always Watching” is beginning to unfold.


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Season 2 Ep. 7


Greg learns that Reggie is responsible for the death of his unborn child, while Tammy is finally ready to move past the pain of that loss. Omar tries to meet someone new, while Faybien opens up to Morris about his feelings.


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Season 2 Ep. 8


Faybien, who is finally on track with his career, is now facing sexual advances from his new boss, Danielle. Greg yearns for direction in his romantic life, while Tammy tries to rekindle her relationship with James before it is too late and Omar’s desire to leave the street life will become dangerously unrealistic when he is forced to witness a heinous act.


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Minisode #1

Detective Eddie Harper is hell bent on solving the murder of Kyle Jenkins and how Omar is connected to the crime. Will he be in over his head during his personal investigation?

Minisode #2

The part 2 conclusion to “Always Watching.” This episode shows how far Detective Harper is willing to go. Tune in and see how it all unfolds.

Finding Me the Series Finale Trailer

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Recent Comments about the Season 2 Premiere  

Kidd Misfit Davis– “so great like this season premiere was amazing and took me through so many emotions!i cant wait to keep downloading these episodes tho

golfus30– “You guys get thumbs up for good acting and consistency I watch you guys grow so keep up the good work

Lajarvis– “This new season is amazing. I cannot wait to see what this season has in store for us. LOGO, please pick this… 

Antoine– “Great show love the show

ToyaRaye Monroe– “Seen first episode speechless on to the 2nd one now

Brian McDaniel– “Finally got a chance to see the season premiere and I love it!! Definitely tuning in. Keep it up guys!

Darnell Spencer– “Watching Finding Me the Series Season 2! Let’s just say, I LOVE IT! – Makes me feel like its my life through the stories and living the soul of the production atmosphere!

Kyair Watson- “Omg… That’s all I could say …. Emotional roller-coaster…. !!!! #Love it I want more !!!!!!

Kaderian– “I luv this new season and continue doing great

Daroderick– “I really enjoyed the new episode! I got a feeling its going to be a great season to watch!

James– “Thought provoking, realistic dialogue, multidimensional characters, and a true to life depiction of life’s journey. It’s a series about the human journey as opposed to just being about stereotypes, one-sided views of sexuality, and fractured personalities. I truly enjoy this series and look forward to seeing the evolution of each and every character.

Toine– “wow, its going to be a good season I cant wait to see what else happens.

Noah Jr– “Well i jus bought the first 2 episodes of season 2…cant wait to watch them season 1 was great”

Eric– “AWESOME!!!! You guys are doing a fantastic job of telling this story! I seen both films/original-1st season and its so great …”

Sonny– “I Love it.”

Romey Price– “Just watched the latest minisode. I loved it. Very entertaining.”

Sonny– “The Minisode #2 was good especially the sex seen. Detective Harper really surprised me! I hope he finds the real murder of Kyle and especially Omar’s brother-inlaw. Omar is innocent, Kyle helped him make some positive changes in his life. Wao, so much suffering and pain just because you fell in love. I want to see justice for Kyle. Please keep em coming. Awesome series and episodes. Thank you and all be Bless!”

Tommy– “I couldn’t be more proud of the evolution of the series and to watch how these characters have grown. Not only that, the production value is great and the series begins to look more and more like artistic composition with each episode. The content is getting deeper and the character relationships are shining! I look forward to you next season to see what new plotlines will occur for everyone and to see how the entire production will continue to evolve. Thanks for sharing this story and these people with the world.”

Anthony– “This by far was a well put together episode .The storyline flowed. The characters really came to life in the way they told the story. I am excited to watch the next episode.”

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