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The gang gather together for one last brunch to recount their individual stories, so hang on to your hats for one last roller coaster ride! OmeProductions presents to you Tying Loose Ends.

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The Behind the Scenes Making of the Finale Episode

FMS Bonus Ep Production

Day 1

Filming has begun for the bonus episode of Finding Me the Series; ‘TYING LOOSE ENDS.’ In this production photo Eric Joppy (Reggie) and Eugene E. Turner (Greg) are going over lines before the cameras begin rolling.

Official First Look image from the upcoming episode.


Screen Shot

Day 2

Camera Rolling

Pictured here, Austin Michael Young (James) and Miste Roule Ryals (Tammy) are in the middle of filming.

Miste on Set Monique and Isabelle

Snap shots of Miste, Monique St. Cyr (Kim) and Isabelle Pierre (Max) were taken while on set.

The Crew

The cast along with crew Dan Zielyk (Boom Operator) and Frankie Harley Jr (Director of Photography) take a quick snap shot of the set.

The Gang

The filming day ended on a bittersweet note as the cast and crew bid a fond farewell to three cast members; Austin, Monique and Isabelle. That day marked their final day of Principal Photography.

Day 3


Series creator Roger Omeus Jr setting the scene with Eric in the legendary China Town, NYC.

Cameras were rolling with on lookers.

Mark St. Cyr (Paul), Eugene and Eric basking in the sun before the crew moved to the next location.

Mark is getting ready for his close up.

Ray and Derrick ScreenShot

Day 4

Derrick and Ray

The day began with Derrick L. Briggs (Lonnie) and RayMartell Moore (Faybien) reuniting.

The Boys at the Market

Next stop was the 6th Borough Market in Jersey City. Ryan Boyce Drake (Kelly) came back to reprise his role. The organizers/vendors were so helpful.

The Boys

The day ended with Ryan, Derrick, Dustin Fredric Ross (Jerome) and RayMartell filming a epic sequence.

Tammy and Bo

Day 5

Location Scouting

Finding Me creator Roger Omeus Jr location scouting for the next filming date.

Finding Me creator/director Roger Omeus Jr, Miste (Tammy) and Ron E.A. Powell (Bo) have a early morning call time.

In Between Takes Miste (Tammy) sends a message.


Day 6

Director and DP

Finding Me creator, Roger Omeus Jr and Director of Photography Frankie Harley Jr setting up a shot.

MIste in the Sun

Miste (Tammy) enjoying the beautiful sun and view.


Eugene (Greg) and RayMartell (Faybien) getting ready to film.

Camera Rolling

Pictures Up! Quiet On The Set!


Miste and Eugene bathing in the Fall sun.

Set Life

Miste standing by her mark, while RayMartell looks over his lines.


Day 7 Final Day of Principal Photography

Director and actors in-between takes
Director and actors in-between takes
Getting for the next shot.
Getting for the next shot.
Waiting for the crew to set up the next shot.
Waiting for the crew to set up the next shot.

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