When you find yourself single, alone and in a new city, the temptation to want to do something you’ve never done before becomes that much more desirable. Morris is at this exact point in his life. Navigating through a shrinking world of many choices can be tough to get through without any scrapes and bruises along the way. Talking to  yourself becomes more of a survival guide rather than a sign of going crazy, and Morris learns that he will need his mental check-ins more than he realizes. 

Season 3 Now In Production

Back on set, Day One!


Season 2 

Season 2 Part 4: “You Deserve What You Get”



Season 2 Part 3: “Can Men Talk Too?”



Season 2 Part 2: Trouple


Season 2 Part 1: Claimed Me


Season 1

Season 1 Part 1: The Real Me Emerged


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In Morris’ first video confessional, we learn of the time he hooks up with his ex wife Joy, and what he learns from that encounter.


Season 1 Part 2: I Was Hooked

Out of loneliness, Morris tries to meet someone new. In the middle of his attempt a stranger swipes him off his feet.

Season 1 Part 3: Solve For X

Morris meets a new friend through a social media app. Bryce resurfaces and suggests an usual way for the two of them to relax.

Season 1 Part 4: Chillin

Morris and Bryce spend a lot of time together, but in that time Morris feels like he doesn’t know much about him at all. Morris decides to hang out with Tim again.


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