Leader of her own movement & a true introverted Gemini, Danielle S. Mooney is a quiet dreamer, a lover of music, film & quotes, an oblivious comedian, and a random adventure creator. She sees beauty in imperfections, differences, quiet moments, and vulnerability and is a true advocate of sisterhood and staying true to your superpowers.

In 2012, Danielle got her feet wet in the world of film by joining the hit web series Finding Me, the Series as a Production Manager. Since then, she has immersed herself in the craft by working as a PA, Production Manager, Co-Producer, and AD on various projects, as well as taking film and writing workshops at BRIC, The Barrow Group, Blueprint Screenwriting, and The Independent Film School.

With a focus on the complexity of the African-American female experience, she aims to create authentic films about inner healing, self-discovery, intimacy and how people relate to themselves and the world around them. Most recently, she co-wrote and produced her first feature film Water (2017), a multidimensional story about a woman’s journey of self-discovery that highlights the complex integration of art, love and sexuality.

Danielle is a DC native and a Licensed Master of Social Work graduate of Columbia University. She is currently in the midst of a two short film: her first solo project, about a mother/daughter’s relationship on the backdrop of mental health and a film about the soft edges of black lesbian love.

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