Camille Rogers resides in New Jersey and routinely travels to New York City where she works as an actress and model. Camille fell in love with acting at an early age, where she enjoyed the instant gratification for being able to authentically express herself in ways that she had constraints with doing in reality. She loved to entertain friends and family with powerful self written monologues. Early in life, Camille played leading roles in elementary school and high school plays, and in her late teen years she starred in a few music videos and photo shoot campaigns. Early in 2013, Camille Rogers made her debut appearance playing the leading role “Unique”, in the off Broadway play, Shades of Darkness. She plays the lead role in a short film named “Chasity”, was a supporting role in Good Dads, and can also be seen in other short films, commercials and web series. Currently, Camille is continuing on with her dreams of becoming a professional actress by studying with Michael Beckett at HB sStudios NYC.

Camille Rogers (Nicole Andrews)

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